In order to build a house, you must have the proper tools and know how to use them. In order to build an inspired life, a customized set of tools is needed – The Touchstone Tools (“TTT”).

TTT are the foundational values of life; they are both spiritual and practical: inspirational life skills that deter destructive life choices and instead forge an inner journey of visionary goal-setting, good decision-making, character development, economic success, personal fulfillment and divine destiny.

There are ten touchstone tools, which are best depicted by the Circle of Tools below: apply the tools daily to your life, you build a better you.

Building a better you is only the beginning;it leads to building a better world. With 30+ years of community work in Harlem, Holland has developed a particular strategy of empowerment for disadvantaged communities. Though TTT works for everyone, they have special relevance and power for individuals and neighborhoods in need, which he articulates through the following paradigm shift.

Traditional Approach

Areas of High Disadvantage = Individuals of Low Performance

TTT Approach

Areas of High Disadvantage = Individuals of High Performance

The message and the method are the keys: message – you are greater than your circumstances: racism, broken family, bad school, incarceration, etc.; method – through the intentional and strategic use of life-transforming tools, you will be empowered and uplifted to overcome them.

If you desire to build a better you and/or build a better world, please utilize the tools listed on this website and/or contact Joseph for more information.

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