Joseph Has Conceived And Written The Following Creative Projects, For Which He Is Currently Seeking Resources For Production.

On stage as Professor in Homegrown, National Black Theater, 1992

Stage Project

Based on the true story of Joseph running Harkhomes, a shelter for homeless men in Harlem. Adapted from his stage play Homegrown, which was produced at the National Black Theater in Harlem and experienced two extended runs in the 1990s. In addition to writing the stage play Homegrown, he acted in it, playing Professor (“a homeless man… nerdish, diffident – the still-hovering cloud of his troubled past characterizing his behavior. His speech is affected with a misguided eloquence, firing words and phrases like a soldier fighting a guerrilla war with bayonet tactics.”) Homegrown The Musical is more than a theatrical production; it is a social movement designed to inspire audience members to build a better world.

TV Projects

Harlem Law: Justice Beyond The Courtroom

Dramatic Series

Logline: Two ambitious attorneys – a conflicted black Ivy Leaguer and a cool white bootstraper – lead a motley ensemble in a Harlem law firm and become reluctant soldiers in the battle for racial justice in America. It’s L.A. Law with soul; Boston Legal with compassion; Law & Order with resonance.

Beacon Place: Compassion Comes In From The Cold

Sitcom - Co-written with Gregory Holtz

Logline: Two compassionate ministers – an earnest preacher and his old-school dad – lead a down-and-out ensemble of homeless men through the travails of daily life at an under-funded, crisis-fraught Harlem shelter; they’re Sanford & Son for the twenty-first century, fixing lives instead of junk.

Film Projects

Booker T

Biopic adapted from Joseph’s stageplay, Cast Me Down, which ran Off-Broadway in 1987.

Logline: Booker T. Washington, the greatest Black leader of his times, rises from slavery, builds a movement, outwits a White segregationist lawyer, and saves an enterprising Black activist; in doing so, he is transformed from equivocal educator to reluctant hero to American legend.

Undercover Grace

Buddy Dramedy; won a 2005 Christian Screenwriting Contest.

Logline: Two ministers discover an unexpected calling – urban crime-fighting; imagine Mel Gibson and Danny Glover as preachers, using faith instead of guns to take down the bad guys.

How Can Joseph Help You Achieve Your Goals?

Joseph’s 40 years of community and business experience have taught him how to overcome adversity and roadblocks to attain great things for the good of others. Joseph would love to help you overcome the stumbling blocks that are keeping you from accomplishing all that you want for your business, community, and yourself.